Miki Hyuuchiha (hyuuchiha_miki) wrote in jump_fan_sub,
Miki Hyuuchiha


 Hello hello hello. jump_fan_sub is low on these staff members, and we need any capable member in this community to help us! :DD

The ONLY condition to apply;
1. Loves Hey! Say! JUMP

Who we need (in priority order);
1. Editor
• Good command in both Japanese and English (state your Japanese proficiency)
• Uses Aegisub (optional)
• Experienced (optional)

2. Quality Checker
• Uses Aegisub
• Experienced

3. Translator (Japanese -> English)
• Good command in Japanese
• Uses Aegisub (optional)
• Your role might be used for EDITOR when needed

1.jump_fan_sub leaders will only ask you to work when you're free
2. Online only once per week? No problem.
3. We don't rush your work, but we keep track on it.
4. Don't be afraid that you have applied and that you are busy; only when after you are done with your busy-ness, we will let you work on projects.

**On a really side note, most of our projects are stuck in EDITING and QCing stage, so.... If you can help, imagine how many we can release! Ohoho :) Looking forward to your applications.
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