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31 December 2011 @ 11:45 am


[ poster (c) : me @ hizaki92 ]

Minna! Gengki ka? 
I hope all of you are well!! 
Incase you all have forgotten about me..
It's me.. Aki(hizaki92).. Your founder.. =P
I haven't posted anything... Well... WE haven't posted anything cause all of us are busy..
Maybe with a new year coming, this community can be more active.. =D
I wish ALL of you a happy NEW YEAR and a prosperous year!! 
Be happy and keep supporting JUMP!! 

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17 August 2011 @ 04:04 pm
 Hello hello hello. jump_fan_sub is low on these staff members, and we need any capable member in this community to help us! :DD

The ONLY condition to apply;
1. Loves Hey! Say! JUMP

Who we need (in priority order);
1. Editor
• Good command in both Japanese and English (state your Japanese proficiency)
• Uses Aegisub (optional)
• Experienced (optional)

2. Quality Checker
• Uses Aegisub
• Experienced

3. Translator (Japanese -> English)
• Good command in Japanese
• Uses Aegisub (optional)
• Your role might be used for EDITOR when needed

1.jump_fan_sub leaders will only ask you to work when you're free
2. Online only once per week? No problem.
3. We don't rush your work, but we keep track on it.
4. Don't be afraid that you have applied and that you are busy; only when after you are done with your busy-ness, we will let you work on projects.

**On a really side note, most of our projects are stuck in EDITING and QCing stage, so.... If you can help, imagine how many we can release! Ohoho :) Looking forward to your applications.
29 July 2011 @ 04:01 pm

Hi! This is Aki hizaki92  ), the founder of jump_fan_sub . I, on behalf of all of the MOD(s) in the community would like to express our deepest apology. The community has been quiet for a while with no video posts. We're so sorry about that! ='( 
I think I speak for all of the active MOD(s) that we've all been very busy and I've been sick a while. ='(
We're currently working on some videos, including OVER, the making of OVER PV, previous PVs and a few more shows. 

I hope all of our members can be patient a while and please stay tune for some videos. =)
Alright, that's all for now! I missed posting things in here, so see you all in a few days time! =')

JUMP is 10 not 9! ='(
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30 June 2011 @ 01:57 pm
By now, I think everyone's completely aware of what's going on with the youngest member of our very much loved group and we know that there are a lot of people that wants to do something about it. Well, here's a few things that I want to ask you guys to give a bit of your time on.


If you haven't voted yet, please visit this link: http://johnnys.cosotto.com/?y=2011&m=7 (*new link, thanks to kamichan_ya3 :)
You can see Ryutaro's name in there, choose that and click the button below.
WARNING: You can only vote once a month! I understand that not everyone here is Ryutaro-biased, but PLEASE, please give him your one vote for this month. He needs it.


On our fangroup on Facebook, JUMP Empire Gakuen, we actually started this project of collecting videos of fans giving their messages of love and support to Ryutaro in hopes that we can cheer him up. If you want to send a video, here's what we need:

15-20 seconds long ONLY.
ஓ Showing your LOVE and SUPPORT for Ryutaro.
ஓ Give your Name, Message and Country.
ஓ Please be as cheerful as you can since our goal is to cheer him up!
ஓ Send your videos to:
     ♦ Aya: ayakanishi04@hotmail.com
     ♦ Lin-Lin: re.chiryu@gmail.com
 DEADLINE is on July 5th... NO EXTENTIONS! This is your chance to show Ryuu your love and support for him, take it!


This is another JUMP Empire Gakuen project, but this time, it'll be your fanarts that we will be needing. If you want to join this, here's what we need:
ஓ Any photo that you have made by yourself. It can be a Photoshop-ed photo or your own handmade art.
ஓ Of course, the focus should be Ryutaro.
ஓ Size of 960 x 540 as much as possible
ஓ Give your Name, Message and Country when you send your fanarts. Also, don't forget to put credits on your art!
ஓ Write your messages on your fanarts.
ஓ Send your fanarts to:
     ♦ Nana: yana_angelic07@hotmail.com

Thanks so much for everyone that will participate! :)
29 April 2011 @ 12:03 pm

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26 April 2011 @ 06:34 am

We at jump_fan_sub  are recruiting new team members! Yay! =D

I myself as the MOD, don't really mind what kind of personalities the team members have but i do ask for only 2 things from the team members [ old & new ]. Be happy always and stay healthy. Be happy cause i don't like to be in a situation where one is not happy with another. We as a community must stay together and work together as a family. ='D Stay healthy so that we can post more videos. =)

We are searching for :Collapse )

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26 April 2011 @ 12:22 am
Hi! First of all I want to say sorry to [ (MOD) hyuuchiha_miki ] for deleting your previous post about the team since i can't save it after editing. =(

Okay, to the main point! This post is posted to introduce jump_fan_sub  team members to everyone out there. These are the people who made everything possible here. Without them we can't even post anything here and I'm really thankful for having them on board the team.. =D

Second point, we are currently RECRUITING members to join our team. We are seriously in need of new members in the team. 
Please proceed here to the recruitment post for more information.. =D

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24 April 2011 @ 01:32 am
Welcome to jump_fan_sub . 

This post is for the members of the community to introduce themselves. We MOD(s) will approve all request to join the community but if possible, please introduce yourselves here before clicking the JOIN button. :)
But please take note, members that have joined the community have 24 hours [ 1 day ] to introduce themselves here before we MOD(s) remove you from the community under rule number 2 which can be read here under the rules section.
[ members that have been remove due to failure in introducing themselves here MUST introduce themselves here before clicking the join button the second time ]

NOTE : The MOD(s) in-charge for membership status are LaiLe [ laile_x_yabu // loveunavailable ] and Kev [ ketz12 ] . Please do NOT message me (hizaki92 ) regarding your membership status. It's not that I don't care.. But I have a lot more things manage in the community. That's why we have a system. T.Q =)

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20 April 2011 @ 05:17 am
Hi! This is aki(hizaki92 ), the founder of [info]jump_fan_sub would like to say a few words. First of all, in behalf of all of the MODs, I would like to express our greatest WELCOME to every JUMP fans! I hope all of you can follow the rules that are stated here. I seriously don't like to delete people/members from the community. I'm a very friendly person but if someone oversteps the border that I've set up, I'm not a tolerant person. Please follow the rules that are going to be stated below. :) Wish you all a happy day and welcome! :D

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